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After a DUI or DWAI, you must complete alcohol and drug education to get back your driving privileges or to satisfy a court requirement. Different levels of education and treatment are available, determined by the court. If assigned Level I or Level II services, your program must be: licensed by BHA to provide this service. 


Types of programs

There are different levels of education and therapy. The type you need depends on what the court assesses and determines. Contact the court or your probation officer if you have questions about the level you need.

Level I Education
  • 12 hours of DUI education over a 3-day period, at minimum. No more than 4 hours in one calendar day. 
  • Conducted in a group or class.
  • Not appropriate for someone who has had more than one impaired driving offense, or one offense with a high BAC or refusal.
Level II Education
  • 24 hours of DUI education over 12 weeks. 
  • Conducted in a group setting, class size limit is 12. 
  • May be by itself or followed by Level II Therapy.
Level II Therapy
  • Level II Therapy follows Level II Education.
  • Can be 5-10 months, depending on the track. 
  • Track placement depends on several factors. It's assigned by an alcohol/drug evaluator or DUI-licensed treatment agency. There are standard BHA guidelines for placement.
Level II Four Plus/Track F
  • Level II Four Plus is also called Track F.
  • It is a treatment program for individuals who have had 4 or more impaired driving offenses.
  • The court or probation requires this level of treatment for misdemeanors and felonies. 
  • Level II Four Plus takes at least 18 months and 180 clinical contact hours.
  • Success is not based on completion of months or hours. Treatment progress and understanding of competencies will determine success. 
  • For more information, visit the DUI Level II Four Plus frequently asked questions page.

You can learn more about Level II education and treatment on the No DUI Colorado website. Scroll down to the bottom for information about program length and time.


Search for programs

To search for Level I/II education and therapy classes use the BHA treatment directory (LADDERS). Make sure the “DUI/DWI” box is checked in the Advanced Filters menu.


Proof of attendance in DUI and DWAI programs (DRS form)

After you complete your education and treatment for a DUI or DWAI, you may need to prove you attended. For proof, you can get a DUI/DWAI Referral Summary (DRS form).

How to get your DUI/DWAI Referral Summary (DRS) Form

The following instructions are also available as a downloadable document.

1. Contact the agency where you attended classes. 

  • The agency should give you a copy of the DRS within 10 business days of program completion at no charge. 
  • You can search for your agency’s contact information using the BHA treatment directory (LADDERS). Make sure the “DUI/DWI” box is checked in the Advanced Filters menu.

2. If the agency is no longer in business or is unable to give you a copy of your DRS form, BHA may be able to find it. To request the form from BHA: 

  • Download and fill out the Consent for Release of Confidential Record form, available in English and Spanish.
  • Email the completed form to: cdhs_bha_provider_support@state.co.us
    • You can scan the form or take a photo of the form with your phone to submit it via email. 
    • The BHA no longer allows walk-ins. All consent forms must be emailed. 
  • Once we receive the form, BHA will search our database for the requested information. 
  • If BHA finds your DRS form(s), we will send the document(s) to the email address you provided in the consent form. 
  • For your protection, the email containing the DRS form(s) will be encrypted and may require you to create a password to open it. 
    • We expect to complete this process within 10 business days, but it could take longer. If BHA cannot find your DRS record(s), the DUI Service Program Manager will contact you within 10 business days.

You can submit your DRS record online at Colorado DMV, by email at dor_interlock@state.co.us, or in person at the closest DMV location. 


Driver license requirements

Motor vehicle law can be complex. There are many factors that impact getting your license back.

  • Requirements from the court and Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) may be different
  • Education and therapy classes must begin after the date of the most recent violation
  • DMV Level II requirements include both Level II Education and Level II Therapy

For questions, call the DMV at 303-205-5613. You can also find information on the Division of Motor Vehicles website.


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