Information for DUI service providers


The Colorado Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) oversees DUI/DWAI treatment and education. DUI service providers can find resources here.


Ignition interlock education and treatment

The BHA requires DUI licensed programs to:

  • Include education about interlocks in their education groups
  • Screen their DUI clients for interlock usage and requirements
  • Offer interlock counseling to those clients who are eligible 
  • DUI counselors must be trained in interlock counseling

Resources for ignition interlock education and treatment:


Impaired driving (DUI/DWAI) curricula and training

The following organizations provide training for DUI/DWAI related content. 

Ignite Change Consulting

Types of training:

  • Driving with Care – Education and Therapy
  • Interlock Enhancement Counseling
  • Driving with Care for Underage Impaired Drinking Drivers

The Change Companies

Types of training:

  • Impaired Drivers Education and Therapy Program.

Prevention Research Institute

Types of training:

  • Prime for Life - Education
  • Prime Solutions - Therapy 


Legal supplement

Refer to the Driving With Care - Alcohol & Other Drug-Impaired Driving Colorado Laws supplement for Colorado specific legal information regarding DUI Level I and Level II Education programs. The supplement will be updated as DUI-related laws change.


Guidelines and rules

Track Placement Guidelines: In some cases, an evaluation may not have been completed or may be unavailable. If so, BHA-licensed agencies that offer DUI services can use these Track Placement Guidelines to place people on an appropriate track.

Level II Four Plus Treatment Rules: Find rules and specifications in the Level II Four Plus Rules Packet.


Links for DUI/DWAI service providers


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