New Managed Service Organizations Awarded to Serve Western Slope and Boulder County

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DENVER, CO (November 8, 2022) - Beginning January 1, 2023, western Colorado and Boulder County will have new Managed Service Organizations (MSOs). MSOs are responsible for managing a continuum of substance use disorder services across a designated region. 


Rocky Mountain Health Maintenance Network, Inc. (Rocky Mountain Health Plans), a western Colorado-based company, has been awarded to serve western Colorado, and Signal Behavioral Health Network, Inc. (Signal) has been awarded to serve Boulder County.


Four total organizations applied to become MSOs of these regions. The need to find new MSOs for these regions was prompted by legislation passed in the 2022 regular session. The legislation states that on or before January 1, 2023, a MSO board can not be comprised of more than 50% of behavioral health providers, and ownership of a MSO can not be comprised of more than 50% of behavioral health providers. The requirements align with new conflict of interest policies addressed in the legislation. 


“The legislation allowed us to select a MSO for western Colorado and Boulder County from existing MSOs providing services elsewhere in the state, but the BHA felt an application process would be more equitable. None of the existing MSOs in the state had a clear history or connections in western Colorado, and we knew having that regional connection would be beneficial. We also knew there were other qualified organizations, with those regional connections, that may be interested in serving as a MSO,” said Kayla Martin, BHA Contracts & Procurement Manager.


The current MSOs for western Colorado and Boulder County notified the BHA that they would not be able to meet new requirements by the statute due date of January 1, 2023 and gave notice that they would end their contracts on December 31, 2022.


Rocky Mountain Health Plans and Signal were chosen for having the strongest applications. Rocky Mountain Health Plans is an existing administrative service organization (ASO), and also has a contractual relationship with most vendors/providers in western Colorado because of its presence in the community. Signal is already the operating MSO for several communities on Colorado’s Front Range and has a contractual relationship with most vendors/providers in the Boulder area. Signal will partner with Rocky Mountain Health Plans to share institutional knowledge and context on MSO processes and procedures.


“Although the new MSO contracts will not be actively serving their designated regions until January 1, they will begin preparation in November to ensure western Colorado and Boulder County providers and clients have no interruption in services. The new MSOs are expected to support continuity of care by contracting with all current MSO subcontractors for these regions,” said Marc Condojani, BHA Director of Adult Treatment and Recovery.


The BHA is committed to providing accessible, meaningful, and trusted services to all people in Colorado. We thank our partners for their cooperation in this transition, and commitment to ensuring patients and providers have no interruption in substance use disorder services. 




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