Block grants


What are block grants? 

Block grants are given to states to help meet their community behavioral health needs. Congress mandates these grants, and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) administers them.

SAMHSA manages two block grant programs, each with its own goals and rules:  

  • Community Mental Health Services Block Grant (MHBG)
  • Substance Use Prevention, Treatment and Recovery Services Block Grant (SUPTRS)

In Colorado, the Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) oversees these funds and makes sure all legal requirements are met. As the State Single Authority (SSA) for Substance Abuse Services and the State Mental Health Authority (SMHA), BHA applies for yearly funding for both MHBG and SUPTRS block grants.

More information about block grant laws and regulations can be located on SAMHSA’s website

What are the purposes of block grants? 

Block grants support programs that provide prevention, treatment, and recovery services for behavioral health. Block grant funds are used to:

  • Pay for treatment and services for people without insurance or those who temporarily lose insurance coverage.
  • Pay for treatment and services that are not covered by insurance.
  • Pay for prevention activities for people not identified as needing treatment.
  • Collect data to determine the effectiveness of the behavioral health system.

Public Comment

BHA welcomes public comments on the annual Block Grant Application, annual Block Grant Reports, and general inquiries about the block grants. Please send comments to cdhs_bhagrantsupport@state.co.us


Block Grant Requirements

By September 1st, Colorado’s BHA submits an annual application to SAMHSA to receive MHBG and SUPTRS funding. By December 1st, Colorado submits separate annual reports for MHBG and SUPTRS to SAMHSA. By December 31st, Colorado submits an annual report to SAMHSA on compliance with the Synar Amendment, which aims to decrease youth access to tobacco. 

Annual Combined Applications 

Annual MHBG and SUPTRS Reports

Annual Synar Report


Public Access to SAMHSA’s Block Grant Portal

Members of the public can view BHA’s block grant applications and reports by logging in to SAMHSA’s Grant Portal (WebBGAS). 

Please use the login information below to access WebBGAS:

  • Website: https://bgas.samhsa.gov/Module/BGAS/Users
  • Username: citizenco
  • Password: citizen
  • After logging in to WebBGAS, users will click on “view an existing application” and select the desired application or report.