Funding Opportunities

Find the following solicitations on the Vendor Self Service Portal (VSS). For portal help, contact the help desk at 303.866.6464 or The Colorado VSS Help Desk is available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (MST).

Community Behavioral Health Services Assessment Toolkit

The Behavioral Health Administration, in partnership with Colorado Health Institute, developed a community behavioral health services assessment toolkit. The purpose is to equip local leaders with information and approaches that can deepen their understanding of community strengths, needs, and gaps, and strengthen their investments in meaningful and equitable behavioral health solutions. 

We are offering technical assistance to 

For children, youth, and families applications, you must demonstrate that an assessment was completed to identify gaps in behavioral health services for the community areas and provide an explanation of how the assessment was used to inform the grant proposal. Technical assistance is available for applicants to the HB22-1281 Community Investment and/or Children, Youth, and Families Grant Programs only.

Request Technical Assistance

The toolkit shows the types of data and approaches that are expected from anyone applying for a grant program. You can also use an existing county, regional, or community assessment if it identifies gaps in behavioral health services for the relevant geographic area.

Play the Community Assessment Toolkit Tutorial

The community assessment toolkit is available now and we encourage applicants to begin reading and using the toolkit prior to the release of the RFAs.  Technical assistance is available to those eligible with the assessment toolkit through the BHA. Services will be prioritized based on applicant need and resources.  

Access the Community Assessment Toolkit

Grant Programs Closing

The BHA is announcing that two HB22-1281 grant programs have closed after the completion of the first round of applications. The BHA is not accepting any further applications into these grant programs at this time.  

1. RFA IBEH 2023000173 Community Investment Grant; and 

2. RFA IBEH 2023000172 Substance Use Workforce Stability Grant.

Although the award process for the first round is not complete, the BHA expects that funding for these two grant programs, approximately $48 million, will be exhausted after the first round of applications. The BHA has been excited to see the outpour of interest and amount of applications for these grant programs. The BHA is eager to partner with the proposed awardees and implement innovative programs which will greatly enhance the behavioral health system in Colorado. The immense amount of effort that the community has put toward these grant applications is greatly appreciated. 

Next Steps for the Grant Programs:

  1. BHA is reviewing grant award recommendations against other grant programs operated by the BHA as well as other state agencies (e.g. Department of Health Care Policy and Financing, Department of Local Affairs, etc.) 

  2. BHA is determining whether duplicate grant awards have been recommended for the same or similar scope of work by an awardee

  3. BHA will modify award recommendations if it finds a duplicate award

  4. If further funding becomes available, the BHA will re-open the grant program and send out information.

Continuing Grants and Second Round

One remaining HB22-1281 grant program will stay open for a second round of applications: RFA IBEH 2023000171 Children, Youth, Family Services Grants. The BHA anticipates there is approximately $2.5 million remaining for the second round. Please note that this amount may change depending on the duplicate award verifications taking place. Any changes to this solicitation will be posted with an amendment on the Colorado Vendor Self-Service (VSS) website. The second round for this grant program is currently accepting applications and will close on May 1, 2023.  

The first round of applications for the grant program through SB22-196 is still being evaluated. At this time, the BHA does not have a determination of how much funds will be awarded in this first round. Any changes to this solicitation will be posted with an amendment on the Colorado Vendor Self-Service website.

Announcements and Postings

When available, the BHA will post official announcements regarding grant awards, grant closures, and/or further information regarding these specific grant opportunities on the VSS site. The BHA is encouraging everyone to check the solicitation statuses on the VSS Colorado website for the most up-to-date information. 

  • You do not need to create an account.
    • Click "Public Access” on the left side of the page and enter the solicitation number on the following page. Click “Details” under the relevant solicitation, and find the solicitation documents under “Attachments.”
A large hand holds a box filled with clothes, food and water. Four people stand in line to receive the gifts from the heart-shaped box.

Grant Program Background and Requirements

Children, Youth and Families

Budget and Funding Information
  • This funding is dependent on Colorado House Bill 22- 1281 ARPA approval by the Colorado Governor’s Office and on other state budget approvals as necessary
  • Approximately $39,000,000 will be awarded between eligible applicants during the funding period.
  • Applicants may request any grant amount for their overall project period. 
  • Funding period  - total grant funds must be expended by December 30, 2024.
  • For a capacity-type budget, a grant recipient may apply its agency’s federally negotiated indirect rate, if any, or a 10% de minimis indirect rate.
How Was This Grant Created?

The BHA is committed to enhancing services and supports for children, youth and families to strengthen resilience and promote recovery of individuals participating in these services.

In June 2022, Governor Jared Polis signed House Bill 22-1281 which created a grant program to expand children-oriented, youth-oriented and family-oriented behavioral health care services to address identified local needs along the continuum of behavioral health care, including services for children, youth and families with acute, complex, or severe conditions and needs.

Who is Eligible for These Funds?

All designations are in alignment with Colorado Revised Statues Title 27

Local Governments - a county, municipality, city and county, or local education provider.

Community-based organizations (CBO) - a nonprofit or for-profit organization that provides behavioral health-care services.

Federally Recognized Indian Tribes.

Nonprofit organizations - an organization that is exempt from taxation under section 501 (c)(3) of the federal "internal revenue code of 1986", as amended.

What Can We Use the Funds Towards?

These funds should be used toward:

  • Establishing and operating a care access point in each behavioral health administrative services region (see map of BHA Admin. Regions); establishing and operating a children- oriented, youth- oriented & family- oriented care access point that is physically connected to a family resource center; or a facility that provides behavioral health care treatment
    • A family resource center is defined as a point of entry where vulnerable families, individuals, children and youth in communities can obtain information, assessment of needs and referral to delivery of family services. , 
  • Establishing or expanding children oriented, youth oriented & family oriented behavioral health care navigation and coordination services
  • Expanding evidence-based or evidence-informed behavioral health care treatment, including substance use disorder treatment, for children, youth and families
  • Establishing or expanding intensive outpatient services, including high fidelity wraparound, youth mobile response and expanded caregiver interventions; capital expenditures related to providing the treatment and services described above.
What is the Matching Requirement?

For HB 22-1281 Community Investment and Children, Youth and Families and SB 22-196 Criminal Justice Early Intervention Grant Programs Only:

The BHA may only award grants to applicants that offer a monetary contribution or in-kind contributions (“match”) that directly support the services provided with a grant award. Applicants must provide at least the match amount identified in the table below.

Size of Organization / Award Amount

Annual Organization Budget size

Percentage Match Requirement on grant award amount

Large Org. (as defined by org. budget)



Small Org. (as defined by org. budget)

Less than $20M


*Award of $50,000 or less 

Any Size


  • Match requirements reflect each year of funding requested. i.e. total grant amounts requested for each individual Fiscal Year of funding requested, this is not cumulative
  • If organizations are collaborating, each of the participating organizations budgets must be combined  to determine the annual organization budget size and the dollar match requirements.

Example 1: The Oak organization  is a large organization with a $25 million dollar annual budget. Oak is requesting $500,000 in grant funding for Fiscal Year 2023 (FY23) only, therefore the Oak organization needs to provide a 5% match in contributing dollars. The Oak organization would need to show evidence of a $25,000 match when submitting a grant application.  

Example 2: The Cedar organization is a small organization with a $1 million dollar annual budget. Cedar is requesting $500,000 in grant funding for FY23, FY24, & FY25. The Cedar organization needs to provide a 2.5% match in contributing dollars for each year grant funds are requested. The Cedar organization needs to show evidence of a $12,500 match each Fiscal Year (FY23, FY24, FY25) grant funds are requested when submitting a grant application.