Funding Opportunities


About BHA Funding Opportunities

When available, the Behavioral Health Administration will post official announcements regarding grant awards, grant closures, and/or further information regarding these specific grant opportunities on the VSS Colorado website. The BHA encourages everyone to check the solicitation statuses on the VSS site for the most up-to-date information. Following are tips for using VSS:

  • You do not need to create an account.
  • Click "Public Access” on the left side of the page and enter the solicitation number on the following page. Click “Details” under the relevant solicitation, and find the solicitation documents under “Attachments.”
  • For portal help, email VSSHelp@state.co.us. The Colorado VSS Help Desk is available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (MST).

How to do Business with the State of Colorado

The BHA is committed to working with the state's diverse and inclusive community to make the services we provide stronger and more reliable. If your organization is interested in working with the State, you can find information and first steps on Office of the State Controller's Doing Business with the State of Colorado page.

To do business with BHA and the State of Colorado you must:

  • Be registered with the State of Colorado Secretary of State.
  • Be registered and in good standing with SAM.gov, the federal government's database for contract opportunities.
  • Thoroughly read the solicitation and follow all instructions.

Open Solicitations and Grants

Solicitation NameLegislationSummary of Services
Posting Date

RFP IBEH 2024000199 Crisis 988 Suicide Prevention Lifeline Network Act

C.R.S. 27-65-103; C.R.S. 27-64-103

This solicitation seeks a vendor to operate a statewide call center for Colorado Crisis Services and the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline that will receive and respond to Crisis and 988 phone calls, texts and chats.

Jan. 24, 2024

RFP IBEH 2024000239 Children and Youth Mental Health Treatment Act (CYMHTA) - Medicaid Reviews and State Level Appeals

2 CCR 502-1

This solicitation is to re-procure multiple independent third-party organizations or persons to provide state-level appeals support for any child or youth where mental health services are being increased, decreased, terminated, or denied by the mental health agency covered under CYMHTA.

Feb. 16, 2024


Upcoming Solicitations and Grants

There are currently no upcoming solicitations and grants.


Recently Closed Solicitations and Grants

The BHA has been excited to see the outpouring of interest and number of applications for these grant programs. The BHA is eager to partner with the proposed awardees and implement innovative programs that will greatly enhance Colorado's behavioral health system. The immense amount of effort that the community has put toward these grant applications is greatly appreciated. 

The BHA is not accepting any further applications into these grant programs at this time.

After vendors receive their Notice of Award, the BHA procurement and contracting team reaches out for next steps in contract execution. All the awarded applicants are invited to a kick-off meeting where the next steps are being explained and further BHA team introductions are made. Once an agreement is executed, work can begin. An agreement is considered to be executed when all parties, including the State Controller, sign it.

Solicitation Number/NameLegislationSummary of ServicesNotice of Intent to Award (NOI) Link

RFP IBEH 2024000190 Sixth Through Twelfth Grade Mental Health Screening Act

HB 23-1003

BHA seeks a screener (that can be a data vendor as well) to conduct mental health screenings in any public school that serves any of grades sixth through twelfth.


DQ1 IBEH 2024000316 Leadership Development

 A vendor that provides leadership teams training services for rapid changes and adjustments


RFP IBEH 2024000099 Behavioral Health Workforce Peer Support Professionals

SB 22-181

BHA will soon announce the Notice of Intent to Award to distribute approximately $5 million in grants to grow and support the Peer Support Workforce.

BHA is implementing a Peer Support Professionals Grant to address the need to increase the number of peers in the state through certification, training, and career advancement opportunities. This opportunity will serve to expand the Peer Support workforce and grow professional and/or career opportunities for Colorado Peer Support Professionals.


FY24 Co-Responder Expansion


BHA will soon announce the Notice of Intent to Award to support Co-Responder Programs to create and foster partnerships between behavioral health professionals and law enforcement.  The law enforcement officer and the behavioral health specialist’s combined expertise aims to improve de-escalation of  situations, deflect individuals away from involvement with the criminal justice system and/or unnecessary hospitalization, and link them to appropriate services.


Care Coordination Statewide 

HB 22-1256

Request for Information regarding recommendations to support and update the admission process for emergency mental health holds. No financial award will be made.

No award made

RFA IBEH 2023000173 Community Investment Grant 

SB 22-1281

Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) has awarded grants for community investments  that may be used for evidence-based or evidence informed services along the behavioral health-care continuum that include prevention, treatment, crisis services, recovery support services, harm reduction, care navigation and coordination, trauma recovery, trauma-informed training, training on providing services in a culturally responsive manner, transitional housing, supportive housing, and recovery residences.NOI

RFA IBEH 2023000172 Substance Use Workforce Stability Grant

SB 22-1281

In June 2022, Governor Jared Polis signed House Bill (HB) 22-1281 which created a grant program to support stability in the substance use disorder treatment workforce. This RFA aims to strengthen and stabilize this critical sector of the behavioral health workforce.NOI
RFA IBEH 2023000171 Children, Youth, Family Services Grants

SB 22-1281

The purpose of the grant program is to expand or implement services that have been identified as gaps in Child, Youth, and Family (CYF)-oriented behavioral health care and to improve outcomes for individuals served.NOI
RFA IBEH 2023000168 Criminal Justice Early Intervention

SB 22-196

The Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) will provide grants to local governments, federally recognized Indian tribes, health-care providers, community-based organizations, and nonprofit organizations to fund programs and strategies that prevent people with behavioral health disorders from becoming involved with the criminal justice system or further penetrating into the criminal justice system and redirect individuals with behavioral health needs from the criminal justice system to appropriate community-based treatment and support services.NOI
RFA IBEH 2023000417 Career Pipeline Development

SB 22-181

Address the need to increase the number of providers and the need to develop quality behavioral health workforce programs by expanding career options for early/entry-level workers. NOI
RFA IBEH 2023000255 Behavioral Health Workforce Recruitment & Retention Grant

SB 22-181

Behavioral Health Workforce Recruitment & Retention grant serves to improve Colorado’s behavioral health workforce. Coloradans will benefit from this grant project by having an increased number of staff to support behavioral health programs and initiatives.NOI
RFI IBEH 2024000018 Behavioral Health Admin

HB 23-1236

Behavioral Health Administrative Organizations (BHASOs) will form and administer a network of prevention, treatment, and recovery behavioral health services; manage care coordination, and improve the quality and outcomes of services in their regions. The BHASOs are supporting the individuals in their regions to achieve whole person health. BHA is requesting information and input from the community to provide additional guidance to BHA to be used when developing a thorough statement of work for the upcoming BHASO contract(s).BHASO information

Resources for Prospective Vendors

The Behavioral Health Administration, in partnership with Colorado Health Institute, developed a Community Behavioral Health Services Assessment Toolkit. The purpose is to equip local leaders with information and approaches to deepen their understanding of community strengths, needs, and gaps and strengthen their investments in meaningful and equitable behavioral health solutions. 

The toolkit shows the types of data and approaches that are expected from anyone applying for a grant program. You can also use an existing county, regional, or community assessment if it identifies gaps in behavioral health services for the relevant geographic area.

The community assessment toolkit is available now, and we encourage applicants to begin reading and using the toolkit prior to the release of the RFAs. Technical assistance is available to those eligible with the assessment toolkit through the BHA. Services will be prioritized based on applicant needs and resources. 


BHA Community Assessment Toolkit tutorial