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Funding Opportunities

Find the following solicitations on the Vendor Self Service Portal (VSS). For portal help, contact the help desk at 303.866.6464 or The Colorado VSS Help Desk is available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (MST).

Community Behavioral Health Services Assessment Toolkit

The Behavioral Health Administration, in partnership with Colorado Health Institute, developed a community behavioral health services assessment toolkit. The purpose is to equip local leaders with information and approaches to deepen their understanding of community strengths, needs, and gaps and strengthen their investments in meaningful and equitable behavioral health solutions. 

The toolkit shows the types of data and approaches that are expected from anyone applying for a grant program. You can also use an existing county, regional, or community assessment if it identifies gaps in behavioral health services for the relevant geographic area.

Play the Community Assessment Toolkit Tutorial

The community assessment toolkit is available now, and we encourage applicants to begin reading and using the toolkit prior to the release of the RFAs.  Technical assistance is available to those eligible with the assessment toolkit through the BHA. Services will be prioritized based on applicant needs and resources.  

Access the Community Assessment Toolkit

Upcoming Grants

Round Two: Career Pipeline Development Grant

The Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) is announcing an upcoming request for application (RFA) to distribute approximately $1 million Career Pipeline Development in grants.

The grants address the need to develop integrated/interdisciplinary/interprofessional care models for older adults and people living in rural and economically depressed mental health shortage areas.

The long-term goals of the solicitation are as follows:

  •  Increase the number of individuals who are certified to provide all levels of behavioral health service in rural and economically depressed areas (Mental Health Provider Shortage Areas)
  • Develop quality behavioral health workforce education and training programs that expand career options for all levels of students/workers providing care to persons age 55 and older
  • Create evidence-based interprofessional education and interdisciplinary care coordination models that integrate medical and behavioral health services.The anticipated release date for this solicitation is October. Please continue to check the Colorado VSS  website, where all Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) and BHA solicitations are posted. 

More information and further requirements can be found on the Colorado Vendor Self-Service Portal.

Care Coordination Statewide Programs

The BHA is announcing a request for information (RFI) regarding recommendations to support and update the admission process for emergency mental health holds. No award will be made.

Behavioral Health Workforce Peer Professionals Grant

Coming soon! The BHA will be announcing a request for application (RFA) to distribute approximately $5 million in grants to grow and support the Peer Support Workforce. The BHA is implementing a Peer Support Professionals Grant to address the need to increase the number of peers in the state through certification, training, and career advancement opportunities. This opportunity will serve to expand the Peer Support workforce and grow professional and/or career opportunities for Colorado Peer Support Professionals. Refer to this page to see the grant once posted.


Grant Programs Closing

After further review and completion of evaluation processes, the BHA is announcing that all four grant programs under HB22-1281 and SB 22-196 have closed after the completion of the first round of applications. 

The BHA is not accepting any further applications into these grant programs at this time.  

1. RFA IBEH 2023000173 Community Investment Grant ($~34m)

2. RFA IBEH 2023000172 Substance Use Workforce Stability Grant ($~14m)

3. RFA IBEH 2023000171 Children, Youth, Family Services Grants ($~39m)

4. RFA IBEH 2023000168 Criminal Justice Early Intervention ($~49m)

The BHA has been excited to see the outpour of interest and amount of applications for these grant programs. The BHA is eager to partner with the proposed awardees and implement innovative programs that will greatly enhance Colorado's behavioral health system. The immense amount of effort that the community has put toward these grant applications is greatly appreciated. 

Next Steps for the Grant Programs:

BHA recently issued  the Notice of Intent to Award by email to the proposed applicants for the following three RFAs:

  1. RFA IBEH 2023000173 Community Investment Grant
  2. RFA IBEH 2023000172 Substance Use Workforce Stability Grant
  3. RFA IBEH 2023000171 Children, Youth, Family Services Grants
  4. RFA IBEH 2023000168 Criminal Justice Early Intervention

BHA will be scheduling orientation meetings with the awarded vendors, from the grants above, in the following days/weeks. This will commence contract negotiation and execution processes. Once complete, contracts for the three grant programs will begin to execute, and programs/projects can begin.  

Grant Awardees

Announcements and Postings

When available, the BHA will post official announcements regarding grant awards, grant closures, and/or further information regarding these specific grant opportunities on the VSS site. The BHA is encouraging everyone to check the solicitation statuses on the VSS Colorado website for the most up-to-date information. 

  • You do not need to create an account.
    • Click "Public Access” on the left side of the page and enter the solicitation number on the following page. Click “Details” under the relevant solicitation, and find the solicitation documents under “Attachments.”


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