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The Behavioral Health Administration is responsible for regulating the provision of behavioral health services by developing and monitoring reasonable and proper standards, rules and regulations.

Behavioral Health Administration Licensing Structure Updates

The BHA is restructuring its licensing structure to support rule language updates. This change is set to be complete as of July 1, 2023.This is in alignment with taking on authority of the Behavioral Health Entity (BHE) license per HB 19-1237 and HB 22-1278

The BHE licensing model will provide a “cafeteria-style” license. This means that the provider will hold a single BHE license with different endorsements that allow the provider to offer various types of services at multiple locations.

This is the first iteration of an ongoing regulatory update process for the BHA’s provider licensing structure. 

This new model increases flexibility for providers, so that they may tailor their license to the services they provide. Ultimately, this adaptability allows for easier addition of services and locations in order to meet the needs of the populations that professionals serve.

This site contains up-to-date information about the Behavioral Health Administration’s rule updates and the regulatory process. All critical updates will be documented on this page. 


CDPHE currently licenses Behavioral Health Entities. Explore the BHE webpage for more information on current regulations here.

The BHA regulates licensed and designated facilities that provide behavioral health education and treatment services. Review the current version of the BHA rules here.

The State Board of Human Services (SBHS) is the rule-making body responsible for reviewing and adopting rules regarding programs and services that are regulated by the BHA. Learn about the rulemaking process here.

Rule Language and Feedback Process


Rule Chapters

Chapter 1 -General Statutory Authority and Definitions

Summary: This chapter describes the statutory authority of the Behavioral Health Administration to promulgate this rule volume. It includes definitions that appear in multiple chapters of the rule volume. Terms only used in one chapter of rule are defined at the beginning of that chapter.

Download Chapter 1

Chapter 2 - General Behavioral Health Entity Licensing Standards 

Summary: This chapter describes the general licensing standards of Behavioral Health Entities (BHE). The majority of this volume is taken from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s (CDPHE) BHE and General Licensing Standards.

This chapter includes requirements for governance, personnel, rights, grievances, screening, medication administration, and the process for obtaining and maintaining licensure as a BHE. Provisions around telehealth and services rendered in public community settings were added under Individual Services.

Download Chapter 2


Stakeholder Meetings

The stakeholder process will include multiple participation options. Beginning December 2, 2022, the BHA will host virtual stakeholder meetings on the following Fridays from 10:00am-12:00pm.

Friday, December 2: Authority, definitions, and BHE licensing standards |Register for the Dec 2 Meeting

Friday 12/9/22 To be announced

Friday 12/16/22 To be announced

Friday 12/23/22 To be announced

Feedback for Rules and Laws

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