BHA Community Services

Need help with a mental health, alcohol, or drug issue and don’t have much or any health insurance? The Colorado Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) works with providers to support people who don’t have insurance or need help paying.

This type of subsidized help is called BHA Community Services. BHA Community Services are not Medicaid. They don’t give you the same coverage as insurance does. BHA funds a full array of services, but availability is not guaranteed in all locations.

What free or low-cost help is available? 

There are 3 types of BHA Community Services for those in need. Read more about how to access each service:


How do I know if I can access BHA Community Services? 

If you don't have insurance or need help paying, find out if BHA Community Services can help: 

  1. Contact a service provider. You must reach out to a provider of one of the 3 types of BHA Community Services. Find contact information for:
  1. Ask about BHA Community Services. People who work at these locations can help you find out what you can access and what costs might look like.


How much will I need to pay out of pocket? 

Many BHA Community Services have sliding scale fees. That means that the cost of a service changes based on how much money a person has, so people pay what they can afford. Payment can vary based on different things like:

  • Location
  • Your current income
  • If you have some health insurance coverage

To find out what costs might look like for you, contact one of the options listed above for information.