Colorado Mobile Crisis Response Asks for Important Stakeholder Engagement

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Ways to Engage: Mobile Crisis Response (MCR)

The Colorado Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) and the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF) are partnering to strengthen the current Colorado crisis continuum and in particular the mobile crisis response system by taking advantage of an option included in the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to establish a community-based mobile crisis intervention service under Medicaid for individuals experiencing a mental health or substance use disorder crisis.  


Background information including the draft benefit can be found here.

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Statewide Stakeholder Meeting: On November 15 11:00 - 12:30 pm we hosted a statewide meeting to review the benefit and key highlights from our stakeholder meetings over the last 11 months, and provide space for regions to meet together and share final feedback on the current design.

View Stakeholder Session Recording

The Behavioral Health Administration will be launching a needs assessment to gather information that will inform capacity building funding prior to launch, information to come.

Submit questions or additional feedback here:


The BHA and HCPF are now moving into finalizing our benefit design and providing technical assistance in anticipation of the benefit launch in July 2023 and have additional stakeholder opportunities. We will continue to offer our feedback form if you have additional thoughts we should consider as we design and move into implementation preparation. Mobile Crisis Response Technical Assistance workgroups start in November, which focus on implementation of the benefit for specific stakeholder groups. 

Technical Assistance Virtual Schedule

We invite MCR stakeholders to attend biweekly technical assistance meetings to answer questions and provide updates about the benefits development and implementation. All stakeholders are welcome including ASOs, RAEs, providers, members, advocates, and more. 

These are hosted on Zoom, please register here to get the link and add the dates to your calendar! Note that we have one meeting on a Wednesday instead of a Thursday, which is June 7th. 

*Auxiliary aids and services for individuals with disabilities and language services for individuals whose first language is not English may be provided upon request. Please notify the meeting organizer at least one week prior to make arrangements at