Policy analysis explores state legislation and response to opioid crisis

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Across the United States, the opioid crisis has gripped states and communities with increasing rates of opiate use disorder, overdose death, and need for prevention, treatment and recovery services. States have responded using multiple levers for change including legislation. The Office of Behavioral Health has prepared a policy analysis that outlines some of the types of legislation that have been proposed and passed in other states, case studies in success, and Colorado’s progress.

This analysis is split into three categories: Prevention, Treatment, and Harm Reduction. These categories are based on opportunities to connect providers, individuals, and families to the resources they need to prevent initial use and misuse of prescription drugs and other substances; those with a substance use disorder to effective treatment; and those with substance use disorder who are not in treatment or recovery to public health and safety measures.

Opioid policy analysis

 Read or download the policy analysis here.