Requesting letters of support from BHA


The Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) is committed to supporting providers and partners seeking behavioral health funding opportunities. We recognize that these funding opportunities may require letters of support for certain opportunities. For Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) funding opportunities, BHA serves as the Single State Agency (SSA) for Substance Abuse Services and the State Mental Health Authority (SMHA).

In order to facilitate review and approval of these requests, BHA has issued the following guidance for requesting letters of support. Please note that this process is only used to request letters of support from BHA. 

  1. Email requests for letters of support to cdhs_bhagrantsupport@state.co.us a minimum of two weeks in advance of the application/request deadline.
  2. Provide a prepared letter of support for BHA to review and sign.
  3. Provide information about the application or the request. This can be a copy of the application, an executive summary or a program abstract.
  4. BHA will review and, if applicable, provide feedback to the request. If approved, BHA will return a signed copy of the letter of support. Please note that BHA cannot guarantee approval for every request.